The African Experts Summit is an initiative of the Centre for Strategic African Initiatives, designed to mobilise and deploy African experts and professionals to support Africa’s development agenda. The primary objective of the Summit is to promote experience and knowledge sharing on how to address specific developmental challenges confronting Africa, using best practice models, and how different stakeholders at the continental, regional and national levels could work together collaboratively to replicate such successful models in Africa.

The distinctive focus of the Summit will be to identify problem-solving approaches to development. It is evident that whilst significant efforts have been made in Africa in formulating policies at the highest level of decision making, there still remains a very serious gap in policy implementation. It is envisaged that the Summit will make very substantive contributions towards bridging this gap.

The Summit will be a three-day high level conference to be attended by a diverse range of participants including experts and professionals from both the public and private sectors from all over Africa and beyond, including those from the diasporas, senior policymakers and government officials, corporate executives and other private sector operators, parliamentarians, academia and researchers, civil society representatives and media practitioners. The overarching theme for the Summit is framed around a set of issues of fundamental importance to the development of Africa.

This will form the basis for the plenary sessions of the Summit. In addition to this, the Summit will have a number of mini-plenaries and panel discussions focusing on selected thematic pillars and specific sectors, that will allow for intensive participation by all stakeholders. Keynote speakers and distinguished experts with practical experience and proven track record in their professional fields, will be invited to lead the various plenaries and panel discussions.

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