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Structure of Summit

Opening Plenary:  “Africa’s Transformation Agenda – Opportunities and Challenges”       

Keynote Speaker and Panel Discussion on Plenary Theme


Science, Technology and Innovation in Africa

  • Developing a coherent science and technology policy for Africa
  • Establishing viable networks for scientific information exchange
  • Integrating science and technology into continental, regional and national development strategies
  • Stepping up funding for scientific research

Sector Dialogue

  • Information Technology
  • Environment and Climate Change.
  • Agricultural Science and Bio-Technology
  • Physical Science & Engineering

Democratic Governance and Political Stability in Africa

  • Building Democratic Governance Structures in Africa
  • Ensuring Transparency and Accountability in Governance in Africa
  • Managing Ethnic and Sectarian Divisions in Africa
  • Promoting Freedom of Speech and Association in Africa

Sector Dialogue

  • Religion, Ethnicity and Social Networks
  • Political Structures and Electoral Systems
  • Legislative and Judicial Systems in the Enactment of Laws and the Administration of Justice
  • Media and Civil Society

The African Economic Paradox –“The Resource Curse”

  • Improving macroeconomic stability in African economies
  • Supporting structural transformation in Africa through value addition
  • Reducing poverty and income inequality in Africa
  • Promoting entrepreneurship and enterprise development in strategic sectors

Sector Dialogue

  • Trade and Regional Economic Cooperation
  • Financial Markets and Investments
  • Development Planning and Economic Policy Management
  • Industry and Natural Resource Management

Bridging the Infrastructure Gap in Africa

  • Establishing financing mechanisms for infrastructure development in Africa
  • Improving Contract and Project management for infrastructure projects
  • Developing a comprehensive regional infrastructure policy framework.
  • Establishing and implementing an effective maintenance regime for infrastructure projects

Sector Dialogue

  • Telecommunications Infrastructure
  • Transportation Infrastructure (Roads/ Railways/ Shipping/ Air transport).
  • Energy
  • Land and Water Resources

Social Service Delivery in Africa

  • Establishing and maintaining quality standards for social service delivery.
  • Bridging the gap between the rural and urban divide for social service infrastructure in Africa.
  • Developing financing and investment mechanisms for social service delivery.
  • Building regional and sub-regional centres of excellence for the delivery of social services in Africa

Sector Dialogue

  • Health and Wellness
  • Education and Training
  • Housing and Urban planning
  • Sanitation